Find Your Long-Term Rental Home in Rolesville, NC at Pridgen Estates

Make sure you qualify, then fill out a rental application today

Tired of searching for a rental property only to be met with sub-par choices and careless landlords? Contact the general contractor and landlord at Pridgen Estates in Rolesville for beautifully maintained properties from a caring landlord.

Pridgen Estates is looking for long-term tenants who meet our requirements, which include:

• Renters must be employed
• All drivers and cars must be licensed and insured with the DMV
• Tenants must pay rent for the first and last month as well as a security deposit
• No drugs are allowed on premises
• Landscaping and trash services must be taken care of by tenant
• Law enforcement being called more than twice is grounds for eviction

If you’re searching for a long-term rental property you'd like to call home for years to come, look no further than Pridgen Estates in Rolesville. Fill out an application today, submit a nonrefundable $45 fee and you’ll be on your way toward a beautiful North Carolina rental home.

Homes Available for Rent